Getting Started With Beekeeping

How it all started form me:

Two friends one in Australia one In Tasmania purchased a Flow hive

That got me interested in looking at bee keeping. One reason being that the pension is coming up fast, and I am looking for something to do in my spare time.

But, one thing is to go out and buy a kit like this, another is trying to learn a bit more about beekeeping. I realised it was a good idea to get some more information about beekeeping before getting started. I also had the vague idea that mid summer was maybe too late to start.

So instead of rushing out and getting a hive, I decided to get as much information I could of the internet and by meeting other bee keepers. There turned out to be way more to learn about beekeeping than I had expected, so to gather the information in one place I decided to create a bee keepers manual.

Initially this manual was for my own one only, but I realised that it could be helpful to others like myself, who wanted to start out with beekeeping and a blog seemed to be a useful way to collect and distribute the information.

Over the next months I will add more information and if you want I can notify you when there is new content. Just have to find out how to do that.

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